Officers’ Profile

Name and Position Education
Gerardo Abad Santos Madrigal
• Master in Business Administration, Boston University• MS in Broadcast Administration
Liberal Arts, Tufts University, Massachusetts
Vicente Abad Santos Madrigal II
Vice President
• Ph.D. Economics, Princeton University• Bachelor in Arts major in Mathematics (with General Honors), University of Chicago
Gabriello Angelo Leonio Aquino
Vice President – Operations
• Masters of Science in Taxation, Golden Gate University• Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Economics and Political Science, University of British Columbia
Jimae A. Ramientas
Business Development
Officer / Architect
Eden V. Bernardo
Human Resources Head
Romerico J. Solis
Treasury Supervisor
Merle G. De Quiros
Chief Accountant

Personal Values of Officers

The president, Mr. Vicente A.S. Madrigal II and the vice-president, Mr. Gerardo A.S. Madrigal were both influenced by their father, the late Don Jose Paterno Madrigal. They like to emulate the many traits of the old school that their father had exhibited. Among the more poignant ones was his belief that it was the man’s role to provide all that he could for his family. To lavish love and wealth on their family. To never utter bad word about anyone. To always provide assistance to friends whenever needed. They want to maintain the tremendous respect and admiration garnered by their father from all his colleagues. Just like his father, they also would like to be known in the business circles as men of great principles, whose advice were sought by business and political leaders alike. To have sharp business acumen that is tempered by a conservative approach. And to remain as simple and generous men who will share so much of themselves to their families.

Source: Tribute to Don Jose Madrigal, Philippine Daily Inquirer, June 2, 1996